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Telework, sometimes know as telecommuting, enables agile companies to increase productivity, save costs, and keep key employees.

What is telework?

Telework the practice of working in a location outside of the main office. A teleworker could do their job in a home office, on the road, in a hotel, at a customer site, or any other place that makes sense.

Telework can be done part-time, full-time, or when traveling. Some teleworkers have a regularly scheduled time for working remotely, while others do so only on an as-needed basis.
Some job functions are not appropriate for telework, but most can be done remotely at least occasionally. Ideal telework tasks are those that require a computer, uninterrupted time, or telephone activities. Often, telework is possible for most employees with just a little bit of advanced planning.

In 2001, over 31 million employees in the U.S. teleworked at least part-time. This represents a significant 25% of the adult workforce.(1)

Why start a telework program?

Teleworking is a trend that is here to stay. Businesses of all types and sizes recognize that the benefits of telework are too great to ignore:

Reduced facility costs
Increased productivity
Improved recruitment & retention
Reduced absenteeism
Business continuity planning
Better balance between work and home
Tax incentives
Environmentally friendly

How can GTC Networks help?

GTC Networks offers sever different solutions for your teleworker needs, depending on the number of remote workers and the type of existing communications infrastructure. Our customized solutions allow your teleworkers to seamlessly access all the features of the corporate phone system from virtually any location.

(1) Cahners In-Stat Group, 2002

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