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GTC Networks knows that the key to success of an IT organization depends on the success of its network core infrastructure. Experienced in designing and implementing multi-layer networks, GTC Networks can help your organization purchase high-performance network components that will add real value to your network. GTC Networks will help you select advanced network components that not only improve bandwidth, but also improve throughput, reliability, and manageability.

Many organizations have transitioned from traditional edge-routers to layer-3 core switches with caution because of the complexity, costs, and organizational limitations in designing and managing networks. Other key IT initiatives such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and Storage Area Networks (SAN), must also be explored for successful deployment of network core designs. GTC Networks can help your organization develop network transition plans that will minimize downtimes, improve cooperation between IT goals, and deliver the promised value-add of multi-layer switching.

GTC Networks will take the time to understand your network infrastructure goals, and deliver the right components at the right price. GTC Networks will help reduce your costs to meet your budget goals by right-sizing the components, providing 'best in breed' technology, giving you information for future expansion requirements.

GTC Networks knows that when your network infrastructure project is finally approved by upper management, your deadlines may be extremely challenging. GTC Networks will deliver on-time and give honest and accurate schedules for all orders. Additionally, GTC Networks will follow your network products through their life-cycle for maintenance, repair, replacement, reconfiguration, and redeployment.


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