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Where does network security fit in as a priority in your organization? Do you have methods for measuring the outcomes of your IT security investments?

“More than two-thirds, (65 percent), of companies report that they have not established ROI metrics for security risk management initiatives in their organizations.” (Foundstone:June, 2004)

With the release of each new version of software application and operating system, subsequent security risks and vulnerabilities for attack appear. IT departments everywhere are dealing with a flood of potential risks and attacks from worms, viruses, unsolicited email, vulnerable operating systems, poorly configured firewalls, routers, etc. What are the best IT investments to mitigate the security risks and reduce operational costs for security?

GTC Networks has the experience and expertise in all types of security management, reporting and firewall technology. GTC Networks knows that a comprehensive security review is required on an ongoing basis to keep up with current threats.

GTC Networks can help your organization with planning, designing, and implementing security components and processes.

Network security begins at the perimeter of the network, both internal connections (workstations) and external (WAN, Internet). Access-lists (ACL’s) at the edge-router are often difficult to manage and keep current. The new paradigm is that internal security and internal-firewalls are as important as the external firewalls and DMZ design. GTC Networks understands this new paradigm and offers products and services that support strong authentication, encryption, and role-based networking using RADIUS, LDAP, and other database that protect the network from both inside and outside potential threats.

GTC Networks selects and recommends network security products that can be deployed rapidly, enable web-based SSL management interfaces and support long-term scalable architectures. GTC Networks recommends appliance solutions as well as multi-layer integrated switch solutions, depending on the deployment strategy that matches the organizational needs.

GTC Networks offers products, design, and support for key security components including:


DNS and DHCP management

Intrusion Prevention Systems


Security analysis and prevention products representing “best-of-breed” solutions.


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