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GTC Networks is a specialized in Concept, Design, Implementations for  telephony products including support for Cisco, and Meridian systems. If your organization has a traditional telephone system, new technologies can can provide many cost saving features available with today's technologies.  GTC Networks knows and understands the issues and challenges for maintaining and upgrading your Nortel switch, and for enabling Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and other digital media services. 

Full review of your WAN infrastructure costs. Voice-and-data line convergence, and re-deployment of your telephony equipment are other of GTC Networks expertise.

GTC Networks knows the US telephony carrier capabilities, offerings, and limitations. GTC Networks is able to provide data and voice lines for your organization at cost-savings and in all cases. GTC Networks can also provide edge-routers along with WAN/LAN configuration and deployment.  

GTC Networks was an early provider of software-based digital PBX systems with support for both analog and digital VoIP.  GTC Networks can support, upgrade, and troubleshoot your existing Asterisk, Meridian system, or provide this solution for your new phone system. GTC Networks supports other VoIP systems such as Cisco Call-Manger and Call-Manager- Express and Asterisk PBX systems. 

Most VoIP projects that fail to deliver the ROI or create unnecessary operational expense, are those projects where network design and components are lacking in Quality of Service (QoS) options, network management and performance monitoring, and troubleshooting tools. The strength of GTC Networks expertise with networks and network management will enable your organization to deploy a successful VoIP project. Convergence of voice and data requires that a lot of separate technologies be mastered, measured, and monitored. GTC Networks can deliver the ROI for your VoIP project.


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