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As companies put more emphasis on the value of their information and the definition of the working day becomes blurred, more attention needs to be placed on ensuring that critical data is protected should a disaster or server outage occur.

Disaster recovery planning is a complex undertaking and requires continual enhancement and modification to keep up with your ever-changing business and IT requirements. While technology is a key enabler to successfully recover from a disaster, processes and procedures combined with skills transfer and training is equally important.

We have significant experience in assisting companies with their disaster recovery plans. This includes business impact assessments, facilities selection, providing technology solutions. In addition, we have considerable knowledge of building processes, procedures and testing regimes. We cover the full infrastructure requirements of disaster recovery, from storage to the network infrastructure, disaster recover facility to application synchronisation.

Disaster Recovery Review
Our review is designed to assess your current information structure, identify critical applications and data, document the server, storage and network infrastructure, and help you understand the options available for securing your information. In addition to infrastructure issues, the reviewr examines staff skill sets, roles and responsibilities, documenting and recommending enhancements where appropriate.


Our Disaster Recovery plans aim to provide you with an insight into ways in which you can better protect your critical enterprise data, including:

           Identifying risks to critical business information that may not be addressed by current disaster recovery plans;

           Recommending enhancements to improve the availability of specific systems and applications;

           Optimising the value of the current backup and recovery infrastructure;

           Recommending new or improved processes to enhance overall disaster recovery capability; and

           Recommending new or improved disaster recovery hardware and/ or software, such as remote data mirroring or replication techniques.





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