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Get the Edge with Hosted PBX VoIP

PBX Comparison Chart

Why settle for the limitations of a premises-based PBX system. Hosted PBX from TeleworkX PBX  Solutions allows your business unlimited call capacity and scalability, features that allow you employees to be more productive and mobile - all with lower up-front costs and less risk than a traditional PBX.


Premises-based PBX

Hosted PBX VoIP

CapEx and TCO

bullet High CapEx for PBX purchase.
bullet Unpredictable ongoing maintenance and support costs.
bullet Low initial CapEx and low monthly fees.
bullet No ongoing support or maintenance costs.
bullet No long-distance between networked sites; reduced long-distance costs for off network calls.

Call Capacity

bullet Call capacity limited to the number of lines procured through the phone company.
bullet Busy signal if all lines are in use.
bullet Call capacity only limited by the amount of bandwidth available.
bullet Quality of Service (QoS) managed to ensure quality during high traffic periods.


bullet Limited to the size and capacity of the PBX.
bullet Step-based modular upgrades.
bullet Virtually unlimited.
bullet Fine granuarity - able to add a single user at a time.


bullet PBX features, routing and Move/Add/Changes (MACs) must be performed by an administrator.
bullet Ongoing support and maintenance performed by internal resources or outsourced integrators.
bullet Unpredictable ongoing costs.
bullet Features are available to users from any location through a GUI web interface.
bullet Moves and Changes performed by users, Adds performed by Administrator with the assistance of TeleworkX’s support.
bullet TeleworkX PBX  VoIP experts available 24/7/365 for
ongoing support.
bullet Costs included in the monthly fee.


bullet Difficult and expensive equipment upgrade process.
bullet Implementation requires large commitment of internal resources or expensive outsourcing.
bullet Feature set determined by the PBX. Must upgrade or replace the PBX to obtain additional features.
bullet TeleworkX’s staff handle planning and implementation at no additional charge.
bullet TeleworkX’s  PBX equipment and software regularly to ensure quality service.

Technology Obsolescence

bullet Purchase of proprietary system locks you in to a single vendor until you are ready to replace the entire system.
bullet No PBX equipment to purchase, so no risk of technology obsolescence.
bullet Hosted PBX is open standards-based, so there is no lock-in to a single technology.

Supports Mobile Workforce

bullet Premises-based system does not integrate with other phone systems.
bullet Hosted PBX allows routing to mobile or remote office phones when the employee is away from the office phone.
bullet Receptionist console can transfer calls to users regardless of location.
bullet Voice-mail can be sent as a WAV file to an e-mail account defined by the user.

Disaster Recovery

bullet Premises-based system creates a single point of failure, causing a complete shutdown of the phone system in the event of an outage.
bullet Hosted solution housed in geographically dispersed carrier-class data centers.
bullet In the event of a site outage, all calls can be re-routed to an alternate site.




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