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No organization can assure the success of its IT network infrastructure without measurement tools and processes. GTC Networks understands the challenges that IT personnel face as they balance the need to monitor the health and performance of their network, while satisfying the daily needs of their end-users. While IT personnel everywhere are struggling with anti-virus, intrusion prevention, unsolicited email, patch management, and other IT distractions, monitoring the network’s health and performance is often overlooked. Thus, network management tools must be easy to setup, deliver valid reporting and alarms, and adapt to the changes in the network architecture over time.


GTC Networks has the expertise and proven network management tools to help you select products and processes that are appropriate for the size and complexity of your network. As Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Remote Monitoring (RMON) standards have evolved, so have the products and processes that are available to support the collection and analysis of these data.

Web-based reporting and display tools for SNMP data are the focus of products offered and supported by GTC Networks. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 network components, GTC Networks can help you select the right tools and processes for your network management plan.


Where deeper protocol and packet analysis is required, GTC Networks will provide tools and processes that deliver results for solving real-world problems. GTC Networks can consult with your IT staff to evaluate your network performance data and make appropriate recommendations for adding components, making configuration changes, or modifying network design. GTC Networks has contributed to the success of many IT organizations by providing tools and expert advice using packet analysis. GTC Networks believes that the most valuable network outsourcing budget item for IT organizations is consulting for protocol and packet analysis, because “packets always tell the truth”.


You can bring network management to the top of your budget and project agenda by partnering with GTC Networks who can help you find the best products and solutions to match your needs. GTC Networks can also help you with specialized test and security analysis equipment for supporting all functions of networking, wireless networks (Wi-Fi), telephony, and converged services.



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